When is the Right Time in Cleaning your Baby's Teeth

Teaching your baby about good tooth care can start early.  Read the Raising Children Network's view.

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If visiting the dentist is right at the bottom of your "to do" list, or maybe not even on it, here are some hints to help:

  1. Make time to meet our friendly dentist.  She doesn't bite!
  2. Talk through your concerns.  Many adults suffer stress when considering attending dental appointments.  Bad experiences in the past can really impact on how you feel.  You are NOT alone.  So, talk it through.
  3. Sedative options - there are options to help you relax before you attend the surgery.  Discuss them with our helpful staff.  
  4. Take a tour - we are happy to show patients where they're going to be spending time.  We'll even explain the scary-looking instruments, so you understand what's going on.
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How Much will it Cost?

We're Medibank preferred and fully accreditated with all major health funds.

If you're not covered by private health, and you don't have a health concession card (for children only), please talk to us.  

We are delighted to accept vouchers from the Child Dental Benefit Scheme.  If you haven't checked your eligibility for the CDBS yet, go to the Human Services and Health info here or our friendly receptionist will be happy to check for you.

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Dental Tourism

Thinking of taking a trip overseas for your dental treatment? Check the Australian Dental Association's website first.

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